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Health Benefits of Ingredienats Used in Chinese Confinement Food   

The concept of post delivery confinement relates to very specific post-natal care for one month
after childbirth. Predominantly a Chinese practice, this one month period
known as the
confinement period is believed to be a crucial time where the new
mother’s strength and vitality
must be properly replenished to prevent ailments like premature ageing or rheumatism from
setting in.

Apart from being a preventive measure against health problems, certain ingredients used in the
special diet during the confinement period is also intended to help boost
the body for milk production.

Various ingredients found in confinement food recipes eg. ginger, black vinegar, sesame oil,
rice wine, eggs, red dates etc. are ingredients very commonly used in everyday

Chinese cooking. These seemingly humble and simple ingredients make up the core of confinement
food cooking due to their distinctive health-enhancing values targeted at strengthening and boosting
the vitality of the new mother.

The specific health benefits of some confinement food ingredients and a sample of the dishes
they are featured in can be found below:

Old Ginger

A mainstay of confinement food, it is used mainly to dispel “wind” from the body. It is generally believed that the new mother will find significant traces of “wind” in her body after childbirth. If left unchecked,
it may lead to ailments like rheumatism or inexplicable aches and pains later in life.

Ginger is also useful in supporting good intestinal digestion and overall blood circulation. 

Most confinement dishes use some amount of old ginger. Some tasty confinement dishes
featured in our menu using a fair amount of old ginger include Long Bean with Pork with Ginger,
Stir Fried Fish with Ginger
and Spring Onions as well as Stir Fried Chicken in Mushroom Sauce
and Ginger .

Black Vinegar 

Traditionally known for its curative ability to help purify the blood and cleanse the arteries,
black vinegar is used in one of the most popular confinement dishes, Pork
Knuckles in Ginger
and Vinegar . The generous amount of vinegar used in the cooking readily dissolves the calcium content in the pork bones, resulting in a delectable dish
of succulent pork in healthy, calcium-rich gravy. 

Sesame Oil

Rich in Vitamin E, iron and calcium, sesame oil is used in many confinement food recipes largely
due to its “heaty” nature as the new mother is advised to avoid
“cooling” foodstuff which may unnecessarily induce “wind” in the body. 

It also provides nourishment through improving circulation, overall strength and vitality. Grilled Chicken with Sesame Oil and Ginger , Stir Fried Pig’s Liver with Ginger & Sesame Oil and Chicken
Soup with Sesame Oil
 are just some of the
delightful dishes using sesame oil, done to perfection
by our highly skilled in-house

Chinese Wolfberry, Boxthorn Fruit (Gou Qi)

Very high in antioxidant properties, Chinese Wolfberry is commonly consumed to promote good eyesight. It particularly nourishes liver and kidney functions and is also greatly valued for delaying ageing, boosting energy and improving internal strength. 

Our special in-house dishes featuring Chinese Wolfberry are Steamed Beancurd with Minced Pork
& Chinese Wolfberry and Stir Fried Liver with Chinese Wolfberry . 

Black Fungus 

Commonly known to alleviate “dryness” and promote circulation of the body, black fungus
particularly aids in nourishing the lungs, stomach and liver.

More importantly, due to its rich iron content, it is exceptionally good for helping to purge the body
of stale blood.

The home-cooked goodness of black fungus can be found in our confinement dishes like Chicken
Soup with Wine & Black Fungus
and Black Fungus with Cauliflower . 

Angelica (Dang Gui) 

Renowned for its main function as a blood tonic, Angelica is a potent Chinese medicinal tonic used
for enhancing blood circulation. Its most common use is by women who
consume it on a regular
basis to maintain regularity in monthly menstruation cycles. 

Mostly used in soup recipes, our menu features nutritious Double Boiled Angelica Chicken Tonic
as well as a delicious original creation, Soy Sauce Fish with 
Angelica . 

Red Dates 

Also known to nourish the blood like Angelica, red dates are used in soups or most commonly
brewed with dried longan and Chinese wolfberry to be consumed in place
of water during the confinement period as drinking plain water is generally discouraged due to the belief that
plain water contains “wind”.

Cold water is particularly frowned upon as it may “chill” the body system still recovering from
a weakened state after childbirth.

Longan Red Dates Tea using red dates and dried longan is provided free with our confinement

We also offer Red Dates with Papaya Chicken Soup in our menu – a remarkably wholesome
soup for purifying the blood and improving blood circulation.

Dried Longan 

A great tonic for the nourishment of the blood through reinforcing the blood-building functions
of the heart and spleen, dried longan is also frequently consumed for its
additional benefits
like calming the nerves and promoting restful sleep.

Black Bean 

Apart from being a rich source of fibre and folate, black bean provides excellent nutrition for
blood circulation due to its iron concentration.

Combined with red dates which are also good for boosting improved blood circulation, Black
Bean, Red Dates Spare Ribs Soup
  is one deliciously wholesome soup any new 
mother can
certainly enjoy during her confinement period.


Primarily used in Asian curries, tumeric is a powerful antioxidant best known for its
anti-inflammatory properties.

We feature a deliciously nutritious dish, Braised Tumeric Chicken in our confinement menu. 


Pepper has great antioxidant and anti-bacterial benefits which help promote good digestive
tract health. It is generally consumed during the confinement period to help
drive out “wind”
in the body as well as to promote bowel regularity.

Our menu selections using pepper include Peppered Pig’s Stomach Soup , Black Pepper Chicken
and Stir Fried Lean Meat in Black Pepper Sauce with Ginger . 

Polygonum (He Shou Wu) 

A renowned Chinese tonic for the nourishment of hair, Polygonum is believed to help decelerate
the greying of hair. Through boosting blood circulation, it is particularly effective for reducing
postnatal hair loss.

Polygonum is also excellent for maintaining internal strength and vitality, reducing blood pressure
and cholesterol on top of yielding anti-ageing benefits.

We cater two very nourishing soups, Pork Ribs Soup with Polygonum  and Double Boiled Chicken
Soup with Polygonum
in our menu . 


Encommiae Bark (Du Zhong) 

Also commonly known as Eucommia Bark, by traditional Chinese medicinal definition, Encommiae
Bark has warm and calming properties. Its consumption is specifically
beneficial in helping to
reduce stress and tension as well as to maintain good

Encommiae Bark is also a marvellous tonic for strengthening the kidneys, hence a life-saving remedy
for back aches post delivery.

Encommiae Bark (Du Zhong) Healthy Soup is offered in our menu featuring an extensive list of nutritious soups guaranteed to enhance any new mother’s recovery during the confinement period.  

Lily Flower 

Akin to the Encommiae Bark, Lily Flower is excellent for claming the nerves. 

Fried Beancurd with Dried Lily Flower is a dish found in our menu, specially created to complement
the postnatal confinement diet. 

Preview additional nutritious selections of confinement dishes offered in our menu: 

 (1) Fried Rice with Egg  & Ginger  – This simple yet nutritious staple is extremely good for dispelling “wind”, invigorating internal strength, boosting circulation and promoting good

(2) Fish & Papaya Soup  – The combination of rich protein from the fish and sap from the papaya is highly effective for stimulating the milk glands, boosting lactation and milk flow. 

(3) Nourishing "Ba Zhen" Herbal Soup  – A tonic soup excellent for nourishing the blood and stimulating blood circulation.  

(4)"Hong Zao" Chicken – Featuring tender chicken pieces cooked in fermented wine, this dish is
great for revitalizing general health.

(5)“Bei Qi” & “Dang Shen” (Astragalus Root & Codonopsis Tea)  – A combination of 2 Chinese
herbal tonics, this tea is extremely good for boosting general health, building internal strength
and fighting post delivery fatigue.

(6) Lemon Grass "Sheng Yu" Soup  – For repelling “wind” and cooling body “heatiness”.  

The choices and array of confinement food is by no means exhaustive but at, the dishes featured in our menu are specially and carefully
to fully meet the unique postnatal requirements of a new mother.

Regardless of whether you have the help of a confinement nanny,’s
home delivered confinement food will more than meet
your specific dietary needs during
this crucial postnatal period.

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